Patient Monitor

Patient Monitoring Equipment


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  • BioLight Touchscreen Modular Patient Monitor AnyView A8 with EMS5

  • Used GE Dash 3000 Modular Patient Monitor W/Printer

  • Colin Touchscreen Modular Patient Monitor AnyView A6 with EMS5 & Nellcor Module

  • McGaw Horizon NXT Modular Infusion System IV Pump

  • Used GE DASH 3000 8.4" LCD ECG RR NIBP Modular Patient Monitor W/O Leads or CUFF

  • Used GE DASH 3000 ECG NIBP Modular Patient Monitor

  • McGaw Horizon Nxt Modular Infusion system

  • GE Dash 3000 Modular Patient Monitor (D)


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